Saturday, January 26, 2013

Now the proud owner of a Synology DiskStation DS212j

I just bought my first NAS and I must say it have impressed me, even if it's a budget version it does a very good job at everything I've thrown at it so far.

Google Drive is my primary backup place, but I needed another location for the "less important files", I used to use my HTPC but I got tired of it because it had to be turned on all the time, and it wasn't the optimal solution.

So what am I using this DS212j for?

  • Store files on my WD Red 2TB (obviously)
  • Making the files accessible from LAN using samba share and sftp to access the files from WAN
  • Storing my XBMC library across my network using the built in MySQL database
  • Surveillance station is linked to my IP Cam
  • Planning to look at how the backup software works

Thursday, January 17, 2013

jQuery maintain position on postback / refresh

My friend asked me for a solution where he would be able to maintain scroll position on postback/refresh without altering the URL itself. So I desited to make my first jQuery Plugin, it's very simple but it works: maintainPosition