Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

I've decided to convert my dotnetblogengine to a blogspot blog, and I have bought a new name for the blog, in the same process.

The reason I bought a new domain name, is because i wanted something shorter, and i was able to make it quite short and with my initials in it TF, the x represents the unknown parameter.

Why i choose blogspot is because nearly all my other products is google, and they work very well together, so it was a natural choice, another selling point was that I don't have to "mange" my own application anymore.

The blog is far from done yet! ..I will give it a new design soon, and much more to come. I will also start blogging a bit more again, the reason why i haven't blogged this much recently, is because I was very tired of the "trouble" I had to go to, just to write a blog.

All posts older than this, is directly imported from my old blog


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