Thursday, August 14, 2008

Firefox must have Addons

As everyone knows, Firefox is the best browser! ..and they have tons of add-ons to customize the browser after your needs.

But the add-ons can easily become a jungle, there is a lot of good add-ons but also a lot of bad once, so I've decided to make a list of my favorite Firefox Add-ons(for 3.0):

Firebug: Just a great extension developer tool which let's you edit and debug things like JavaScript.

Web Developer: Another developer tool where you can do everything from test screen resolution to make div boxes visible, a very good Add-on to research and get experience.

Flagfox: Let's you see where the web server is placed in the world and you can also see the IP.

IE Tab: As every web developer knows, there is a big gab in browser rendering especially in the two most popular browsers, Internet Explore and Firefox. You need to test your sites in both browsers fast and easy, and this Add-on does exactly that. Very nice tool and i use it alot.

YSlow: Is your website slow? test it and see what's wrong with this tool.

All the addons can be found here: just search on the add-on and you will find the newest version.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to install AJAX Toolkit on framework 3.5

I got this problem when I had installed Visual Studio 2008 on my new computer, and I had no clue on how to solve it. But then my friend came with a suggestion that have helped him with the same problem, and it worked! So I thought, there must be someone else out there that’s having the same problem. This is how I solved it:
The problem seem to be because VS2008 install a compact edition of Framework 3.5, so you need to get the full package of Framework 3.5 which can be found here - you scroll down and click on the: .NET Framework 3.5 full package.
Now you are ready to install AJAX Control Toolkit to your computer and that is available here - And remember to take the AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3.5, either with or without source.

The last think to do is to save the Bin some place on your computer and "Choose items.." is VS2008 Toolbox.
I hope this will help you as much as it helped me :D